Introductory Post

This is an introduction to my blog.

Who am I?

I would say this isn’t important, but it is. I would like you to get to know me as I post. I don’t want to reveal much about myself. As I blog, you and we might figure something out, patterns maybe. The ‘blunt’ in my blog name is slightly inspired by this, and the ‘pathways’ by the synthetic pathways involved in making compounds. It’s just hard to find a good blog name, to be honest. Yes, ‘blunt’ synonym for honest as well. My favorite phrase is ‘to be honest’. The pathways seems to fit right next to it, ‘the path to greatness”.

Why start a blog?

I would love to learn how to write better, share my knowledge and hopefully bring value to society. Blogging seems like a challenge more than anything else.  Proving to myself that I can do something meaningful is a major goal. I am curious to find a community of people who feel the same. I wonder if anyone will read this.

What will I blog about?

Random things! (I mean this).

I am funny (yikes!), I will write some funny blogs and see how that works out.

Story telling is kind of my weak point, so I will try that.

I am so excited to blog about making a cup of tea, different kinds of teas (materials and methods in research papers).

I will sometimes blog about cannabinoid chemistry.

My biggest challenge though will be writing blogs about life, I am probably going to go through a lot this next few years.

In a world filled with so many opportunities, why not try?.


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