Is it possible to feel awful every day? literally every day?

Everyday is everlasting, how about that? So how do you feel daily?

You could have negative feelings for a long time, a day, week, month or even years.

Wait before you start calling me names (a pessimist!), or diagnose me (with depression). Just think about it for a second. Most of us have so many days to go. Some people’s days are over. 

It is possible that you have systems in place that make your days suck! Bad habits that you unintentionally solidify in your life.

Let me let you in a little bit, my bad habit is being a couch potato (well a bed potato). When the chance presents itself, I get glued on to that poor bed! (this habit does not have the best returns).

The point of this blog is to just point out that days get bad, some of it is your fault but MOST of it is not your fault.

There is an alternative though, every day can be a good day for as long as you are able to keep track of your life, how you react to situations.

Being very occupied throughout the day is a simple way to have good days.

The main thing is that we must stay away from the bad habits to have better days.

To be honest, most days are not so good and that is okay. We move!


  1. As humans with changing emotions, this happens regularly. For me it is about being aware of what lifts me out of that funk and focusing on helping or talking to others (usually helps me).

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