Sunshine and Roses

‘Life isn’t all sunshine and roses.’ 


        ‘Life isn’t easy, you gotta suck it up and tread on, mate’- unknown.  

What if we could force things, force life to be sunshine and roses. As we grow older, we come across idiomatic expressions and people telling us things that drain us. After believing these things, then what? We forget we have the option to be content and free to believe what we believe without being afraid of opposition.  

Don’t you miss saying: 

‘I have what I have, and I don’t have what I don’t have.’ 

‘I know what I know, and I don’t know what I don’t know.’ 

Being unapologetically content. That feeling of satisfaction not because you got something shiny and new.  

Take this for example: 

When I was younger, I remember crying until I was thirsty.  

Why? I wanted ice cream.  

What did I get? A cold apple. Not a bummer at all. I was content. It was what we had. I was satisfied, in fact beyond pleased.  

I miss the days where doing what you can with what you have was enough and appreciated. Even though ‘life isn’t all sunshine and roses’, it doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be enjoyed as though it is. Let’s choose to be content as often as we can.

Thank you for reading!


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