Big things looking small

There are many things that seem mundane in our lives and we have started to believe that they are. We believe that, we need to do more and be more all the time. In the process we forget the things we can do because we focus on the things we can’t do. I started school and focused on chemistry, I enjoy my research but it’s so formal. I can’t joke in the reports and I can’t doodle cartoons in the corners of the pages of my thesis. How cool would it be to have a thesis written as a comic book? Right?

The big things in my life started looking small, research and ‘my career’ took center stage. I recently just realized that I used to draw when I was younger. I used to draw the cartoons I watched and make nice posters for my science classes. I looked around WordPress and saw beautiful drawings by other bloggers, so I interacted with them.

So here goes let’s start with this one.

In my defence its been a few years.

Now Jerry the mouse. This put a lot of pressure on me. I could not mess up Jerry! So I put this off for a few days, until I eventually got to it.

I used to draw Jerry all the time. Jerry is the first cartoon to feature on my blog! (A Snack).

So, I just did it, he turned out okay. If I do this often, I will get better, I enjoy it.

I realized that this is a big part of who I am. It revealed to me how I don’t do things in order. I do this with most things I do, to stay engaged in the process. I thought drawing cartoons or whatever I saw was a little thing. It teaches me so much about myself, it’s challenging, relaxing and fun.

There are so many more things about you and I that are big things looking or seeming small. Find them and nurture them.

Thank you for reading!!


  1. They look lovely!! I tried Jerry too and while it was a little difficult to get the proportions right, the end result was definitely rewarding! I think your sketches are looking good! Looking forward to more!❤️ And Chemistry is a fascinating subject! How is your research going so far or how did it go?

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  2. You are very talented. You were given this gift at birth, so don’t hide it. Continue to draw and you will become better and better. I am glad you had the courage to share your talent. I look forward to seeing more. Stay safe.

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  3. This gave me a warm smile recalling how I loved to draw in my youth and to paint now and then, but my art took a back seat to a 30 year career. Finally, in retirement, I have come back home to art. Thank you for the encouragement to value our gifts. I wish you the best!

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  4. reminds me of a quote I read about how
    The most important things in life…arent things at all

    The was a time I wanted to sketch my own images for my blog articles but gosh it takes so much time…


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  5. Sometimes we fail to appreciate how the little things affect our lives positively. It’s not bad to go after something bigger but that should not come with the total neglect of the ‘little things’ we love doing. They’re bigger than they seem.
    I adore your jerry sketch. It’s cute and lovely💚


  6. I know nothing about doodling but I am pretty sure that y are GOOD (mine are not that good lol)! By the way, if that can comfort you, I write my master’s thesis on children’s literature and I tend to doodle so much in the corners of pages as well. I think it is even worse when it comes to children’s literature as you talk about illustrations sooo often and thus, you are soooo tempted! I wish you the best in your career, and in your drawings. Keep creating that balance, it is what makes a happy life.

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  7. Your post made me really smile. I love drawing too, and I think that I should take it on as my next project during my next leave from work to do the things that I stopped doing, like drawing. Perhaps it’d help me find more about myself.

    Thank you, BluntPathway.

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  8. Hello dear blogger.
    Art seems to be an expression of your true self – not small at all! And your drawings look good to me, as someone who cannot even draw matchstick people. I hope you will keep on drawing and keep on expressing your gift.

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  9. The sketches are not bad at all! Happy you were able to find your way back to drawing. And I agree, we are often too quick to dismiss our values for what the larger society assigns. But it is always nice when we come into a realization that actually, what holds personal meaning for us comes first. Congratulations and may you build on this win more.

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  10. You did a great job! Since the pandemic, I have started reading more. Something I use to love to do before I got married and had kids. I am also planting too lol, we will have to wait and see how that turns out!

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