I hope most people enjoy a challenge as much as I do.

To take on challenges, you will need courage…

Yes, Courage the Cowardly Dog comes to mind when I think about having to be courageous. I know he doesn’t look courageous. It’s hard to find him looking courageous.

Things get difficult at times they get very challenging; the main idea is to remember why we made the choice to participate in specific challenging tasks.  

The word ‘difficult’ is so intense it begs for a negative emotional response, but in the process of working on a challenging task, why waste your energy on exhausting emotions.

I found a very helpful quote:

“A four-second pause- the time it takes to take one breath in, one breath out- can be powerful enough to subvert a poor decision and replace it with a smarter one.”  –     Peter Bregman.

You may need more than four seconds to breathe.

Thank you for reading!


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