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My Answers

1. Overall, how are you handling the quarantine?

Most of it has been okay, I got to spend a lot of time with my family. I enjoyed that.

2. Have you violated any of the restrictions? If yes, what rule(s) did you break?

Nope, breaking rules is not fun for me.

3. What viral recipes have you tried during the lockdown?

I enjoyed learning family recipes from my mom and sister. I was able to get my brother’s favorite chutney right!

4. What activities have you missed the most during quarantine?

Dinning in restaurants and going on walks.

5. Do you wear a mask when you leave the house?

Yes, all the time.

6. Are you an essential worker? If yes, what is your job title?


7. How do you exercise during the lockdown?

I did Chloe ting’s 2 week shred challenge just once.

8. Have you subscribed to any new subscription services since the lockdown started?

9. What did/does your daily schedule look like before the pandemic started?

I used to wake up and try to be on campus before 10 am, did some lab work and some writing until 5pm. After the lab, I usually went to a library shift if I had one. Then back to my place after.

10. Do you think that the pandemic is getting better or worse?

I don’t think it is getting better, but we are made to believe we can relax. I can’t say it is getting worse either.

11. What have you learnt/became grateful for during the lockdown?

I have become more grateful for all basic needs. Grateful for my family, friends and the people who have been front and center in the fight of this pandemic. I learned that God is in control and keeping Him first makes things more manageable. Going forward I have learned to more fearless.

12. How do you think the world should learn from this pandemic so that things are better in the future?

I think people should learn that things are better if we work together and follow the rules.

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