It’s muddy in here!

I think we have all experienced a healthy balance in our lives. A steady peaceful week because you get enough work done, as well as rest. You are so not happy or sad. That steady balance usually comes from your friendly internal dialog. You speak to yourself politely and manage how much of yourself you give to others, you accept compliments and you are not suspicious of others. You see others as doing the best that they can, you remind yourself that life can be suffering and that you can help others.

You walk around feeling amazing, feeling like a clean farmhouse home on a rainy day, until you lose your balance. You allow people in so much and you open up as everyone advises, you don’t open and close the door. It gets muddy in the house, you realize this and decide you need to get some cleaning done. You open up and say, ” It’s muddy in here, don’t come in”. They hear you speak but they take your furniture, to save it from the muddy house that is you. Everyone suggests that you give everything you have away because it might get muddy too, they take everything because it is indeed muddy in this house.

You are left muddy and empty, but if you take responsibility you can clean yourself up and refurnish. Know that this cycle exists and learn how to manage it. Life is challenging and everyone is definitely doing the best they can. Keep cleaning and breaking cycles.

It gets muddy!

Thank you for reading!.


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