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I generally eat healthy and stay hydrated. I have been in denial for so many years about the benefits of exercise that I have experienced first hand! First hand but inconsistently.

It feels so good when I move my body, just like when I do things instead of thinking about doing them. I love the feeling of having been so busy that I have been on my feet for an extended period of time. I like seeing that 10K, 15K step count a shocking 25K at times. The rest after that is so amazing and my mood is balanced for days. I would like to think that exercise is worth it.

The difference is, I have not been a fan of deliberate exercise all my life, it’s something I do just to get myself away from the cliff of changing my jean size. This shouldn’t be the case, I am smarter than that. I don’t think I only speak for myself when I say, maybe a farm lifestyle of growing your own food, taking care of livestock, cutting grass, harvesting and any chore seems to be much better than deliberately making the decision to run. I know it can be refreshing once you are done but hey! . Most people would rather be doing something as they move, moving closer to a goal or cleaning their homes. I write this while I am about to fill in paperwork to join the gym, I haven’t joined since 2016. I will go to the gym because the modern lifestyle gives me no other choice. I will go on walks and jogs. Keeping my small apartment clean isn’t much exercise the steps usually come from lab work or the chore when I am back to my rural home. It’s not that I haven’t found something I love doing, I have tried different types of exercises, I just need to believe that it is a productive use of my time. I will do it this year, I will go to the gym weekly.

Let us exercise to improve our lives. I would love to say I have a specific fitness goal but I have an important mental goal and that is to be more disciplined and spend more time working on myself. This will benefit me and others around me. I am a big fan of taking responsibility for my life and so are my readers.

I have seen amazing posts from people about this year and their goals. My goal is to move more! I find it funny that I will be seated at this desk for 3 more hours but any chance I get I will get up and move.

My readers and fellow bloggers are so inspiring, I didn’t have any goals for the year and now I have made my first one, thanks to you.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Movement and giid exercise us hands down one of the best treatments for conditions of immobilised Complex PTSD the worst thing is when we turn against that moving luving breathing part since it’s associated to our spirit and vital.life force.


    1. BluntPathway says:

      Thank you for your comment, it is encouraging to know it is associated with our spirit as well. I want the mental benefits of the movement.


  2. Good and living I meant to type 😌

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  3. Lakshmi Bhat says:

    I do Yoga in the morning and every evening we go for a walk. It has become a very nice part of our lives. I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

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    1. BluntPathway says:

      I look forward to enjoying those days.

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  4. It’s great to have goals but be kind to yourself. When you’re at the gym, think of it as beeing productive on yourself, your body and mind. You’re worth the time, the effort just like working the land.

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    1. BluntPathway says:

      You are right. 😊I will try by all means to be kind to myself and enjoy the new habit I am starting, hopefully it sticks for the rest of my life.

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  5. That is very valuable…. Here I also found some informative blogs related to EXERCISE IS BENEFICIAL FOR A HEALTHY LIVING

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  6. durjoyroydip008 says:

    This information is really helpful, and I also found some information about benefits of exercise and I will love to share it with you.


  7. redzrosebud says:

    Exercise is fun 😀

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