How can you tell that it is a new day?

So it simply gets dark (night), that means the sun is going down ending the current day you are in with its events, you go to sleep at some point while it’s night time. When you wake up the sun is up and shining ( in the morning), you get up and get out of bed and get things done and just like that it is a new day.

What’s my point? Why does this matter?.

This question comes up for me multiple times a month, time flies. Sometimes I accomplish so much in such little time but sometimes I accomplish nothing at all.

Sometimes you are so happy and a week can feel like a single day because you kept up the joy and enthusiasm for a surprising amount of time. Alternatively a cloud of doom can hit you!, it can hit you so hard that you get dizzy!

Get rid of the cloud of doom! Get rid of it and see the new day!

Thank you for reading


  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    šŸ’œ Personally I Trust The Circadian Rhythms EveryOne; as Humans We ARE Both Daylight and Nocturnal a Gift šŸŽ Given to Few Sentient Entities


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  2. When you try to get rid of something you are opposing an energy that wants to be know.n so it will only work for a time there is no life without shadow.. Carl Jung spoke a lot about this.. we find the light inside the dark not by rejecting it . ā¤

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    1. BluntPathway says:

      That is true. I would like to get to a place where I can accept dark times. I just don’t think they feel good or easy to embrace, especially the ones that are not brought on by a series of my bad habits and decisions. I like Carl Jung, extremely wise and I heard of him through reading and listening to Jordan Peterson. There is a lot we can about our life experience, sometimes the knowing this is not enough.

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      1. no knowledge is not enough we must take action for self love and self care.

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      2. BluntPathway says:

        The more action the better.

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      3. For freeze and fawn responses of PTSD yes!

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