Fill it up

Fill up your cup.

Waiting for others to help you fill it up doesn’t always work . Being in a position of having to fill up your cup may seem difficult but it has to be done. Focus and try to fill up your cup, don’t get distracted. Some things face you head on and you alone have to rise above and take action.

Enjoy the process, helping yourself is the best thing you will ever do.

Thank you reading.

So be it!

The desire to be diligent.

The pursuit of diligence is not an easy process and the more patience you have with yourself the better.  When the desire is there long enough for you to notice it, day in and day out, chances are you will work towards being more diligent. Everyday will be different.

A lot of things require strength and courage. When you look back at what you have accomplished there is no better feeling than knowing that you came through for yourself. It will be difficult but worth it because you do it for your peace of mind. After a while diligence will just be part of your character, you will be the person you worked hard to become.

Thank you for reading!


The idea of a funhouse to me is enjoying the moment to have peace in the moment.

The way to maintain peace each day is to keep up the funhouse joy, drag it out as long as possible. Let it go into the next day. Allow joy into your life and try your best to hold on as much as you can.

Thank you for reading!


Maintaining order is exhausting, but it must be done. When chaos pays you, a visit allows it to stay for a while then establish a new order.

Too much chaos isn’t good, it can be so much fun to keep chaos as a close friend for a little while, just to unwind. A little chaos to push you towards different views besides the ones you would have come across because everything goes in a specific order.

Chaos is not to be feared or avoided because there is no way to eradicate it. The only thing I know now is to strive with the discipline to reach a place with the least chaos. Being able to diligently find and accept all knowledge that propels me to a state that affords me better opportunities. In a state of chaos it’s hard to focus, I tend to choose order over chaos.

Thank you for reading.


Has anyone noticed that everyone these days does a bit of everything?

We all do this and that, we don’t want to just be known for just one thing! Most of us get so upset if anyone implies that we are good at one specific thing. I think it’s because of the concept of the box. Nobody wants to be put in a box. I agree with this, but at some point in life I believe we should just dive deeper and enjoy things we are good at. Master them and be unapologetic about it.

Dive deeper, enjoy every minute of the experience.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you!.


I hope most people enjoy a challenge as much as I do.

To take on challenges, you will need courage…

Yes, Courage the Cowardly Dog comes to mind when I think about having to be courageous. I know he doesn’t look courageous. It’s hard to find him looking courageous.

Things get difficult at times they get very challenging; the main idea is to remember why we made the choice to participate in specific challenging tasks.  

The word ‘difficult’ is so intense it begs for a negative emotional response, but in the process of working on a challenging task, why waste your energy on exhausting emotions.

I found a very helpful quote:

“A four-second pause- the time it takes to take one breath in, one breath out- can be powerful enough to subvert a poor decision and replace it with a smarter one.”  –     Peter Bregman.

You may need more than four seconds to breathe.

Thank you for reading!